Seasonal Adjustment Has Changed Watering Days

Got the email about Seasonal Adjustment; that’s fine. But the Calendar now shows my watering days as Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. My days - as set by my city - are Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. My settings confirm this. How do I get the Calendar to match what my settings are? (And not get fined in the process?) Thanks…

I believe with extended watering durations and your end by sunrise requirement, the schedule is having to start the night before.

You can either start the schedule at a specific time or shorten the watering durations to fit into your watering window.


The behavior still reads as unintended/buggy if the user has specific days marked as allowed.

Why would the system allow itself to begin before 12:00 AM on those days rather than shorten the watering time to do as much as it can within the allowed time?

I don’t know if there really is a right answer here. The system is trying to adhere to conflicting information. Goes back to end before sunrise has caused more issues than it was probably worth.


UPDATE - the issue was resolved when Franz answered my question… I went back in and extended my run times to end at 8 a.m., instead of “before sunrise.” The Calendar automatically shifted all my run days back to the correct ones as shown in my Settings.

I agree… with the extra “seasonal” run times, the “end before sunrise” option does not allow for the added minutes. Unfortunately, I could be cited for sprinklers running on one of my City-mandated “off” days. For now, changing the default end time worked. Thanks for the help.


Glad to hear it worked. Regardless of how it got backed into the previous day I would hope a day not selected as allowed creates a hard block and watering (even if not long enough) would be prevented from starting until 12:00AM on the allowed day.

I’ve recently split my 7 zone flex daily (end before sunrise) schedule into two flex daily schedules. One set to end before 6:30 and one to end before sunrise. It has made my watering situation a little better, not great, but better. On days I only have 1 or 2 zones needing water it still starts way too early.

I would love to see Rachio get the fundamentals of their scheduling engine fixed. They’re a super friendly and engaging company looking to do great things, but these fundamentals need to be worked out so the average human can dial it in without a community forum. :slight_smile: