Season shift error concerning durations

I just received an email a few hours ago explaining a new seasonal shift is in place which is fine, BUT the duration times in the email do NOT match the duration times on the website. The times are way off. Any ideas why?


I logged into the webapp and the schedule Even Days Fixed Watering does seem to have the correct runtimes.

I’m thinking maybe just a webapp browser shift refresh will help.

Hope this helps. If the times are a minute off it could be different rounding on the email vs. the webapp. Everything we do is based on seconds.


Hi Franz,
Thanks sooo much for quick response - I noticed its hard to see the email durations I uploaded, so I’ll send you a better one:

                     EMAIL                                                                                               ON COMPUTER App

Zone 1 Front has been adjusted from 47 minutes to 42 minutes 36 minutes
Front door side misters Zone 2 has been adjusted from 16 minutes to 15 minutes 20
Back property line zone 3 has been adjusted from 15 minutes to 14 minutes 15
Patio sprinklers Zone 4 has been adjusted from 12 minutes to 11 minutes 15
Garage side misters Zone 5 has been adjusted from 18 minutes to 15 minutes 20

As you can see, these durations from the email stating season shift don’t even come close to what the website app at shows
AND i just logged onto my tablet and that Rachio app has different duration times then the two above and I logged in and out with same results
Zone 1 35min
Front Door 19 min
Back prop 14
Patio 14
Garage side 19

Something is going on



Ah I see the confusion.

The email you have in this thread is from a disabled schedule (which we still shift). The minutes in the email you sent do match the disabled schedule called Even Days Fixed Watering.

You have another schedule called Computer Generated Program that should have another email with minutes that correspond.

If you are still seeing discrepancies please reach out to and they can investigate further.