Scheduling to end before sunrise?

I set one of my zones to schedule to end before sunrise because it was recommended, and then I scheduled another session and I am trying to figure out how best to set it.

  1. What does it mean that it will schedule to end before sunrise. Does this mean it will schedule it as close to possible to end before sunrise OR could it end within 20 minutes, 30 mins, etc.? Should I just set the schedule for the other zone to End before a specific time that should not conflict with the other one, like 3am?


@RainHusk - the end before sunrise will always calculate the maximum amount of time Rachio needs to run all zones for their full duration and any applicable soak and cycle time - even if only one zone needs to run. So it won’t end just minutes before sunrise. I’d probably recommend setting two schedules with fixed start time.

1.) I am going to need to get 3 separate Rachio devices. Do they all talk to each other when calculating the maximum amount of time they need to run all zones for their full duration? OR do they all work independently of each other?

2.) Just curious why you suggested fixed start times? That is what I ended up doing.


They run independent of each other. There’s no coordination.

There’s several ways to deal with this kind of issue, but are you creating one schedule for all the zones in each Rachio, or are you saying you will have multiple schedules on each Rachio as well as three Rachio? You must have a lot of zones… yikes…