Scheduling problem

I live in Southern California where the sun is pretty ferocious. Remember those ads about how our good Califoria sun turns grapes into raisins? Well, it does the same thing to people (melanoma is a real problem out here, if you come out here even in winter be sure to bring along some sunscreen), and it’s also tough on grass. I have a couple of places where the grass is being burned out, and my yard guy strongly recommends that that I water daily rather than once every other day. So I go to the Rachio software and try to do this. When I visit the scheduling page and click on Edit I am confronted with two options, even days and odd days. Period. Why? Is there some technical reason daily watering is impossible? Or did it not occur to Rachio’s software engineers that anybody would need to do this even though providing this option would seem to be a no-brainer? Or is it indeed possible but that old and notorious Rachio bugaboo (failure to provide an owner’s manual) is biting me on the butt yet again? One way or another, Rachio is not helping me be the boss regarding what happens in my own yard and I’m now the not-so-proud owner of a bunch of fried grass. Help and advice would be useful. The alternative may be that I will have to junk my Rachio gear and look around for some rival product that better suits my needs. If anybody has any answers for me I would apppreciate it, I’m getting pretty desperate while watching my yard go to hell thanks to Rachio.

You can create a fixed schedule with a daily interval. Or, create a schedule with specific days with each day of the week. Once creating a schedule you can not change the frequency type, so if you have already created an odd/even schedule just create new one so you can choose an interval type.

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