Scheduling by Stop Time

A few months ago there was some discussion of adding the capability to schedule by stop, or program end, times. Some locales require watering to cease by a hard time and this would obviously be a great feature to enable the use of flex scheduling in such areas. Incorporating time before after sunrise into the update along with user entered hard stop/end times would be fantastic.

Any update on the possibility of adding this function?

@PR8, thanks for checking in. No updates at this time, but we’re listening. We’re always looking for ways to make the Iro easier to use and believe this is an awesome idea.

Out of curiosity, does your area have watering restrictions in addition to the limited hours of watering? Or just a limited watering window?

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At Quebec City, Canada, i have limited hours of watering for 3 days a week.

No restrictions at all on water usage. My need for a stop/end time option is due to 2 of my strip zones being used as school bus stops. Don’t want to be watering school children with the flex schedule :smile:

As for the the sunrise option, would be great to end then during the school summer break.

@michelrochette, could you detail the limited hours of watering for reference? I assume evening hours only?

Ah, gotcha. Makes sense! Any chance you could water during the evenings or are you in a humid area?


You got it! Very humid here. This drives the need to end watering as close to sunrise as possible while missing school kids. No problem with the normal program as I can control the end time by doing the math adjusting the start time. However, I have to inhibit water budgeting and not use flex scheduling.

@PR8, that was my concern. Thanks for confirming.

I’m curious if we could get creative with scheduling…perhaps setup a a Fixed schedule on the weekend as your main watering event, then have a few different schedules on Flex during the week at early morning hours to top off the zones as needed. Just an idea for a work around until we can support a “stop time”.

Similar situation here. After 9:00 am, you can be fined for running your sprinklers. The rationale is less water reaches your lawn due to an increase in evaporation once the sun is up.

@JAMike, that’s a valid concern and something we want to avoid. Out of curiosity, how much is the fine?

Completely agree & understand. Are you in a climate that requires early morning watering versus overnight watering?

The ordinance is here:

Briefly, in the summer you must water from 6 pm to 10 am (my bad - not 9:00 am as I said); and in the winter you must water from 10 am to 6 pm (risk of freezing water on sidewalks).

The fine / administrative penalty, is $150, and they can also lock the sprinkler backflow preventer closed.

Sec. 21-60.1. Criminal Penalty
Any person, firm or corporation who violates any term or provision of this
Ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be
subject to a fine in accordance with Section 1-4(b) of the City Code of Ordinances for
each offense. These criminal penalties may be imposed in addition to any Administrative or
Civil Remedy listed herein. Each day a violation continues shall constitute a separate
offense. The requirement of a culpable mental state is expressly waived for criminal
prosecution purposes.

These remedies are available if the city declares a drought condition; however Plano, TX is sitting at 48 inches of water for the year, and we still have watering restrictions.

Also, since this is Texas, the city always reserves the right to shoot you.

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@JAMike, thanks for providing this. I’ll bring this to the attention of the product team.

Any more word on this? Seems like an easy and useful add. This is the only thing preventing me from getting one. My town only allows watering on 2 specified days a week and only within a fixed time window. I would love to use the flex schedule, but could only do so within these confines.

We are planning on including this feature in our Spring release, along with many more powerful scheduling features.

Hope this helps.


Excellent news. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the fast reply!

What rachiompt5 said from me too!!

Were you guys able to work in the local SR/SS +/- option for the end time? Great job regardless, but the SR/SS option would knock the ball out of the park…

Can’t wait to try out the Rachio G2 later this year…


With our schedule re-design, we should be able to support any of these flavors.


Has the ability to schedule start/stop x minutes before/after sunrise been incorporated yet? I don’t see it as an option, am I missing something?

@jbhoelz This feature has not been incorporated yet. We are doing major infrastructure/calendar work to support this and an infinite number of calendar features.


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