Schedules not running or showing in event feed (but showing no error)

Have been struggling to get my Rachio to run it’s auto programs this summer. It was running the past season but with issues when using the Flex Scheduling.

The manual runs from the app or the station work fine.

My events in the app say that it’s going to “do the thing because there were no changes” but the schedule never runs.

Have tried rebooting by unplugging it and not seen any differences.

Attached are some wiring shots (before/after). Also is a event feed example.

So, the Rachio has run in the past, or this is a new installation from the Rainbird unit?

It has run in the past. The previous unit was a Rainbird.

I personally haven’t made any adjustments but I have had to adjust some pipes and heads in the lawn

What sensors do you have wired up? As a troubleshooting method, can you disconnect those? Not sure these would be causing an issue since you say manual runs from the app work, but a its a quick troubleshooting.

Also, what schedule type(s) are you running?

Duh! These are great suggestions… Will disconnect and see what happens.

Right now I’ve just got fixed schedules.

Troy… Cannot appreciate you enough! Disconnecting the additional sensors totally fixed the issue.

Will mark this one one “Case closed”

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Well, if you want, we can troubleshoot the sensors to see if we can get them functioning correctly…

What sensors are they? Looks like you have 2?

Please help!
I am having the same or similar concern. I installed Rachio system last season and it worked perfectly manually and on the scheduling that was set up all season long. This season I can manually start the system with no issues but it will not auto start from the scheduling. It shows in the calendar the days its scheduled and it also shows in the upcoming log but when the actual day/time arrives to start nothing happens and shows no activity in the log. I have reset Rachio, deleted last season’s schedule’s along with creating new scheduling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have any external sensors (like rain guage) wired up?

Thank you for responding! Yes, I do have a rain sensor hooked up. Worked perfectly last year though.

The first step for me to getting things working was to disconnect that.

Then I ran a test schedule.

I disabled the rain sensor and for the first time this season it has ran a schedule as planned. Thank you for your help!

Great to hear! I personally haven’t decided to troubleshoot the sensor and reconnect it.

Other threads make convincing arguments that because of the local weather information fed into the system, a rain gauge is redundant information.

Yes, it’s redundant, but I find it a bit helpful when we get a supersaturation event. Normally in these cases the Rachio wants to water before my rain gauge dries out. So the rain gauge prevents it from watering for normally a day or so.

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So how might we go about troubleshooting the train gauge for John and myself?

Usually, when they work, then don’t work, the gauge itself is bad. You can try to troubleshoot by inspecting the wiring for any breaks/shorts, and inspect the actual gauge for anything strange, debris, or the like…