Schedules are lacking needed features!

I’m new to the Rachio family and have run into an issue that seems to be a feature lacking in the app. I recently overseeded and patched some of the more barren areas and need to keep it moist for the next 2 weeks for proper seed germination.

What I would like to do is water 3 times per day - early morning, mid-day, and late evening. It seems I can set an interval of 6 hrs, but then it waters in the middle of the night, and with the cool weather, that is a waste of water and water in my area is expensive. 8 hr intervals would give me the three watering, but but there is no way to do that. Setting a start time of 6 am would work at 6 hr intervals if I could limit it to 3 intervals, but that’s not an option either. If you pick a fixed schedule, then you are forced to pick an interval (which is limited to 6 hr max) and no option to set the number of intervals.

The only option is to activate a “quick run” manually at the times and durations every time which negates the functionality that Rachio should be providing.

One option is to set up three daily schedules, with different start times.

Simpler, though I haven’t tested it, is a daily cycle and soak schedule with a suitably long soak time.

Thanks for the suggestions. While I could set a soak cycle of 6 hr (adding 1 min at a time is a PIA), I couldn’t understand Rachio’s documentation well enough to know how to set the cycle time to ensure that I get the per zone times that I needed (poor documentation), so I took your other suggestion and set up 3 daily cycles (ending in 2 wks) at the times needed and for the durations I needed. Wasn’t sure if I could enable 3 schedules at the same time, but it let me do so. This surprised me because it wouldn’t allow me in the past to have more than 1 schedule that started at sunrise.

I wanted to water every 1-2 hours from 9am to 4pm for 2 minutes per zone to keep the seed moist. I had to create a LOT of schedules.