Scheduled watering does not occur, zone valve does not turn on

I have 2 zones. They both work fine when triggered manually. But for some reason zone 2 does not fire when scheduled. Suggestions?

In the history seeing zone 2 firing (at least the controller is running it). Are you saying that even when it is running in the app the physical zone is not running?


Exactamundo. In fact, I’m not sure Zone 1 is running. I am certain Zone 2 is NOT running.

@JimSpy, I just checked your controller logs and we’re recording current to both valves. Can you try manually turning on the water from the valve? Here’s a video that shows you how to…curious if the water supply to your system got turned off by chance?

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I know the valves are working. They turn on when I do a “quick run” through Rachio. They just don’t work when I leave the system to run the “Summer” program, which starts at 4:53 in the morning. The way I know Zone 2 isn’t running is that one of the irrigation leads fills the dog’s dish with water. I empty the water the night before, and the dish is bone dry when I wake up. I’m going to try this with Zone 1 as well.