Scheduled too soon?

My Flex Daily schedule ran today, 7/3. Soil Moisture is now 110%.

I would expect the schedule to run again in about a week. Instead, it says it will be running tomorrow, 7/4. It’s also shown as scheduled to run on the calendar view. I tried to force a refresh by closing and opening the app, but no change.

What do the details on the moisture level chart show? That will help to start figuring out what’s going on.

The moisture chart doesn’t show it as watering tomorrow. Perhaps it’s on an “End Before” schedule and started the night before? No, you posted it earlier. Guess I don’t know, but based on moisture it shouldn’t run again tomorrow.

1.5" is a lot of water; I assume this is going into a zone with bushes, shrubs, trees rather than lawn. Makes sense it wouldn’t run for about a week thereafter.

Okay, now it’s showing 7/13 as the next watering, which seems reasonable.

I don’t know why it was showing a bogus date for awhile. I did try refreshing the data by closing out the app and restarting, but that didn’t help. After a few hours, I checked again and it seems to have corrected itself.

Anybody else see this behavior before?

Yeah, I always check the graph. Whether it’s a required refresh or what, it can be wrong in other areas. Something Rachio really needs to work on. Even refreshing should not be required.


There is a known issue that several of us have commented on/documented for Rachio – right now the overview data does not seem to be correctly displaying the data in the moisture level details (which does appear to be correct).

@franz @dane

The calendar view shows a watering for tomorrow, but the moisture graph does not.

Is it on your radar to correct these discrepancies regarding upcoming watering dates (see thread above)?

@twin1 Thanks for reaching out. The issue has been documented and is being managed by the Engineering team. It is classified as a high priority and is currently being worked on.

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@dane This is still not fixed.

Is it still being worked on?

@twin1 We have replicated the issue and identified the root cause. We are determining how to fix.

A clarification for others viewing this thread, this issue is specific to Android. There is a separate but similar issue on iOS. When the zone run details are not displaying on iOS, pulling down from the top of the screen will refresh the zone run details. We are also working fixing this iOS issue so that users do not have to refresh the app.

I’m on iOS, not android. I’m not able to manually refresh. The calendar and zone details get out of sync for hours at a time. Even if I pull down to refresh, or quit the app and restart, it still does not sync up. Eventually, it will sync on its own, but it can take anywhere from hours to a day.

An update for those watching the thread or experiencing similar issues. There are three separate issues identified here:

  • Android Rachio App not displaying correct Last Run/Next Run or Calendar: This issue is reported as resolved. Please DM me with your serial number if you still experience this issue on Android
  • iOS Rachio app not displaying correct Last Run/Next Run or Calendar run, but updates after an app refresh or a force close: We are working to improve this in a later release
    *iOS Rachio app not displaying correct Last Run/Next Run or Calendar run, and does not update after an app refresh/force close: We have not replicated this issue and need to gather more information. If you are experiencing this issue, please DM me your serial number along with approximate timestamp when the run was not displaying and approximate timestamp when the schedule run date updates.

Is 1 week the standard? I find myself having to hit empty so the soil moisture will go to 0% so I can get the sprinkler working on dry days. I find it weird that 1 time 10 minutes per zone is enough for 1 week.

Impossible to say without knowing what your yard consists of, or what settings you have in Rachio. I’d recommend starting your own thread if you want to dive into it more…