Schedule Zone Randomization

The standard algorithm has the schedule start with zone 1 and continues through all zone until just before sunrise. This starts the system with the same zone at the furthest from sunrise and finishes with the same last zone just before sunrise. This creates a disparity in the amount of time different zones have to “soak” before evaporation from the sun.

To ensure that each zone has an opportunity to get longer soak times, could the algorithm be modified to have a rotation in the first zone to start
Run 1 - Zone 1 start first end with last zone
Run 2 - Zone 2 start first end with zone 1
Run 3 - Zone 2 start first, end with zone 2…etc.

Why so hung up on the amount of time for soak? There is no rule on how long a zone needs to soak before starting again, it’s just to help with runoff, and in most cases, only a few minutes is really “needed”.

Especially for midwest cold-climate fescues/bluegrass are susceptible to fungus which can have increased risk with night watering. If you have the same zone1 sitting wet in the dark for the longest time you increase that risk. If you rotate which zone gets the longest time in the dark you alleviate some of that risk.