Schedule - water every 10 days?

Hello everyone,
One happy Rachio 3 user from South Africa checking in :blush:
I am having kikuyu grass commonly found in Australia, South Africa as well as warmer parts if USA. It is very easy to grow and spreads rapidly thus requiring minimum maintenance overall.
As winter is staring in South Africa now, watering requirement is changing from once every week to one every 10 to even 15 days.
If it is over watered, roots will get sick.

My question would be, how do I make the watering interval every 10 or 15 days?

Thanks guys

That’s great!

You should be able to select Interval in the schedule and adjust from there.


Hmm…My Schedule Type is Flex Monthly Schedule and under interval I can only select 7 days of the week (Mon,Tue, etc)
I don’t see anywhere like every 5, 10, xx days :confused:

I see now how! :blush:

Schedule Type must be “Daily Interval”

Thanks so much franz!
Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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How did you find it? I’m in need of the same info so I can change my schedule

Hey, it works well, no issues
Every 10 days my irrigation runs with no problem :slight_smile: