Schedule Type recommendation - Colorado

I have installed Rachio Gen 2 (8 zone model, 6 zones active) with rainsensor
Live in Colorado (80020 zip code), no water restrictions

I have not setup a schedule yet as waiting on 2.6. What I have done is setup all the zones (vegetation,soil,exposure, nozzle, slope, area and run them to calculate water usage (see below.

Would you recommend going with flexible, and if so,

  1. Do I need to work out anything else other than Precip and area of each zone.
  2. If flexible do I have to setup a custom nozzle based on precip
  3. Do I then wait for version 2.6 and configure flexible.
  4. In an ideal world, would rachio gallons used match up with actual gallons once custom nozzle setup, or is something else required?


Great questions.


PM me if you want early access :wink:

I’d at least try it out, if it doesn’t work our other monthly adjusting schedule is definitely an option.

Here are some tips on adjusting flex if it is not performing how you expect.

Precip will definitely help with zone durations. Area is only used for estimating water usage, and does not impact frequency or duration.

No, but the closer your precip in./hr is to actual, the more accurate the runtimes. With 2.6 we also allow you to adjust zone durations at +/- 5% increments if you need more/less watering.

I can get you the software now if you’d like. Just PM me iOS or Android and Apple or Google login email address.

If you have accurately input your precip in./hr and an accurate yard area, then it should be very close.

Gen 2 also supports a flow sensor for deadly accuracy :wink:

Hope this helps.