Schedule skip didn't work this morning


It looks like the schedule skip doesn’t completely work in the new version of the app. One of my zones has a broken sprinkler head that I haven’t had a chance to get to so yesterday when I saw the zone would run today I hit skip in the upcoming runs area. I noticed this morning that the schedule still ran. The history shows the schedule starting then shortly after a skip entry but the schedule then continued to run after that. The zone did appear to have been watered so it looks like this isn’t just a notifications/history issue, the zone was not actually skipped.



I had the team review and looks like the skip was applied after the schedule was running. Once the schedule has started running we can not skip it. I am having the team fix this issue so that we disallow a skip to look like it has been applied after it is running.

Hope this helps.



that’s what the history shows but I clicked on skip sometime around 9 p.m. the night before, not sure why it wouldn’t have gone through until five minutes after it was running, maybe some sort of connection issue?



Interesting, engineering team doing more research :wink:




The team believes it is a gen 1 firmware issue and will be working on a fix today.



Ok thanks for looking into it