Schedule shows no future watering on calendar


I’m a very new user (< 1 week), and also very new to lawn care. Recently purchased a home and adopted a Rachio 2 from the previous owner. As a disclaimer, I work in IT and have a knack for learning things like this fairly quickly. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here, but this is starting to seem like a bug to me.

I live in Texas and can only water on Thursdays with automatic sprinklers.

So basically as the title states, I don’t see any future waterings scheduled, either in a flex daily schedule or a fixed schedule. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

I’ve checked the zones set up by the previous owner, nothing looks out of place and advanced settings all make sense based on my understanding of them etc. The previous owner had a flex daily schedule set for all zones, but nothing was showing up in the calendar for future waterings. I thought maybe I’d delete the schedule and recreate it to see if that would fix it. I created a fixed schedule with mostly default settings and added all but 1 hedge zone that I want to be watered differently than the rest of the lawn zones. I set it to water on Thursdays, about 2 hours total, starting after 2AM. Still, nothing shows up in the calendar for future scheduled waterings. Even when I click into next week’s Thursday, it shows “Nothing scheduled”. I can go back and see the history of waterings from the previous owner and the system seemed to be working fine (outside of the previous owner watering WAY more than he was allowed to by city ordinance).

Any thoughts? Hunches? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The previous owner seems to have installed a great system with full coverage front and back, and it looks like the lawn hasn’t been watered since he moved out in December. I’d really love to start watering ASAP, letting Rachio do it’s smart stuff, and so far using quick runs at inconvenient times has been the only way I’ve been able to use the system.

Thanks so much in advance!

Welcome to the forums! Where are you located? Is it perhaps cool enough that watering isn’t really required?

Watering once a week cannon really be done well with Flex Daily, so you’ll need Flex Monthly or Fixed schedules. In fact, Fixed will probably be best, as Flex Monthly /wants/ to change the days it waters, while Fixed will maintain it.

If you still have a Flex Daily schedule in place, could you post a graph & table from the Moisture level for a typical zone? It might help us understand what’s going on.

Hi rraisley! Thanks for the response.

I’m in central Texas, current daily highs are in the mid 70s to mid 80s right now. Lows at night after a recent cold front are getting into the high 40s and low 50s, but only for the last few days.

I swapped out the flex daily schedule for a fixed schedule as part of my troubleshooting and am currently running the fixed schedule.

When I was on the flex daily, the graph was showing the soil holding at about 2-5% moisture level over the last 3 months.

I think there’s a problem there. If your soil stayed close to 0% (2-5) over months, meaning the ET (water used per day) was essentially zero, it sounds like some settings are off. While the other schedules don’t directly use that, it would be good to have the settings right. In my experience, your temperature range ought to be using around 0.15" of water a day or around 1" per week, maybe somewhat less.

To check that out, maybe, temporarily, make a single Flex Daily schedule for 1 of your zones, and post the graph and table for it? You can disable it right away and have it not water. This just might give us some good information.

Problem has been solved, I read through the manual today and found out that “Standby Mode” was not just the controller waiting until the next scheduled watering (derp). Turning off Standby Mode fixed it, obviously.

Thanks again for the help!

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