Schedule setup help

Hello! Trying to figure out which scheduling setup would be best suited for me. I tried Flex Daily but found not watering enough. Maybe not setting it up right?

My community has fixed watering days. W/F/Su. I have 5 zones plus Drip for 6 zones total. I also have my own Personal Weather Station for the weather part of it.

So for example, Monthly selected 16 min for Z1-2, 19 min for Z3-5 and 34 min for Z6(drip). I’m fine with the times but want to make sure 16 min is broken down I.e. two, 8 min shots. With maybe an hour plus between the 8 min waterings. Does the Smart Cycle handle that bit of business? If not, how do I set it up for this?



@wrz0170 - the recommendation is typically to start one or two zones out on Flex Daily and the rest on Fixed until Flex is dialed in. With only three days of watering, Rachio may water every time it can when running Flex Daily.

Smart cycle will break up the watering depending on the soil type, precipitation rate and slope. It will wait 30 minutes between watering. See the third section under FAQ:

Be sure the soil type is right (e.g. use the USDA web survey) and the precipitation rate (e.g. catch cup audit or known sprinkler heads). If desired, one can increase the slope setting to shorten the amount of time the zone will water with no other impact (that I’m aware of).

One can also configure a manual cycle and soak if the smart cycle doesn’t work for you.

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Thank you. I will try a trial run again on the Flex and see what happens.