Schedule setup for grass seed?

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I’m new to community and this is my first post.

Can someone please confirm I have the correct schedule for watering new grass seed with the following parameters? My understanding is you can only have either a Start or Finish time, but not both.

My goal is the following: Water new grass daily, in 6 zones, 3X a day for 5-10 mins, at approx. 8am, 12pm and 4 pm) I don’t want it to run at night, because the system is noisy and can’t sleep.:

Type: Fixed
Interval: Daily
Zones: 6
Watering Duration: 6 zones X 5 mins = 30mins, however it calculated 43 mins
Cycle: 2hr 15min (43mins X 3 times/day = 129mins or 2hr 15min)
Soak: 4 hrs
However it calculated:
Cycle: 135mins and Soak: 240mins

Also, it would be preferred if New Grass schedule accounted for other watering schedules to avoid overlap.

Thanks in advance.

Looks good

Personally, I prefer to set up 3 different fixed schedules for my overseeding, one for each time you want it to water. I do this so that I can program it to run all three for a week or so, then drop one off and just water two for a week or so, and then drop down to just one. It lets me set and forget it. Not sure with all new grass if would be quite the same, but I think it would be similar.

When you set the end date @Linn does that equate to at 12:00 on this date stop or is it this is the last date it will run? I am trying to determine if the end date is inclusive or not.

@laura.bauman I looked for help file and in app nudges to determine this answer. Did I miss it? Or is it missing? Specifically I am trying to run the sprinklers on the 24th and the 25th of this month. So it’s obvious my start date is the 24th. But is my end date the 25th or 26th?

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Answered my own question by looking at the calendar - end date is inclusive

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