Schedule runs twice

I have my Rachio Gen 1 set up to water my yard using a fixed schedule, Smart Cycle and Soak with weather intelligence. It has been this way for some time. This season my schedule is running twice(back to back). So it is doubling the actual watering time and water. I only have one schedule setup for my Back yard to run every two days. The duration of the schedule is 59 minutes. So watering is now running for 128 minutes. The app notifies me the schedule completes twice one after the other. This is not smart cycle behavior. At least it was never like this. Smart cycle runs zones multiple times within the same schedule, not run the same schedule back to back.

Anyone have any insight into this?

If you review the history tab in the app it does look like the correct minutes are being watered for each zone.


Yes the watering time is correct in the history tab. My front yard zones ran today with smart cycle and it only ran once, as it should. So something is wrong here.

I am a new user as of summer 2020. Early this morning, June 2021, I got the notification on my phone that Rachio ran the schedule twice consecutively. I found no help on the Internet. Just FYI, I disabled the schedule that ran twice, and created a new schedule. Won’t find out until next week if that fixed the problem. Edit: I have smart cycle and soak turned off. Edit 2: I have a Rachio 3 system.

And you’re sure it’s not watering for half the total time, pausing/soaking, then finishing, right? If not, I don’t know what would cause it to water twice.