Schedule runs multiple times a day

I have 2 flex daily schedules. One for my grass which is scheduled to end before sunset and one for my bushes scheduled to start after sunset. Total run time on the grass is about 5 hours and on the bushes us about 6. Often the grass will run in the morning for some time and then randomly run again at 5:30 in the afternoon something I absolutely do not want.

I’m guessing this has something to do with sunset being at 8:30 and sunrise at 5:30 not leaving enough time for the full 11 hours of run time but I can’t figure out how to avoid this issue. Picture of the issue attached. Thanks

Just set your own start time instead. If the full duration is around 5 hours, just back up from when you want it to end and set that as the start time. Same this for the bushes. Check the max duration and set it for that much time before the grass schedule starts.

Thank you for your help.

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