Schedule Run Time Differs From Actual

Schedule start shows 164 minutes but only runs for 22?

See attachment.

Difficult to understand after update.

Also, it doesn’t seem it’s letting the water soak? Or at least i’m not being notified.



I’m having the engineering team review this schedule run and will let you know we find. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


@G8T0R Curious, did you create this schedule after updating to the 3.0 version, or was this a carry-over schedule from the previous version. Did you create/modify zones after updating to 3.0 or are they still the same?

When I tried to create a new schedule in 3.0 against pre-existing zones, I saw the same exact thing… a total run time of ~20 minutes. I didn’t feel like troubleshooting so I just reverted to my existing schedule which has the correct run times.

This is a carry over schedule that was previously setup. No creation or modification of zones.


Interesting… hopefully the team gets back to you with an explanation.

Wonder if due to watering occurring over two days. Could it be only calculating watering of the day it finished and not including the day it started?

I have noticed the calendar missing scheduled watering if a zone starts the day before because it’s the only way to satisfy end watering by a certain time (e.g. sunrise)

@G8T0R I believe we found an issue with the gen 1 firmware and smart cycling which we will be resolving today.

Thanks for your patience!



This issue should be fixed.


Looks like it ran successfully last night! Thanks!


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I am new and not sure if this is the correct place but rather than start a new thread I thought this looked good.

Have Gen 3.
It is showing total run time including the soak and cycle. This gives some of my clients the impression they are using more water.
They are not digging deep into the system but get a notice the system ran for 4 hrs 12 mins but that is from start to stop not the actual watering time.