Schedule restarted itself

I’ll preface this by saying I’ve had this unit for about five years at my previous home. We moved 1 mile down the road to a new house installed it using the same settings including a personal weather station that’s ~1 mile away for rain skips and the like.

All I changed was the names, durations, and the contents of the various zones all other settings are the same. Unit does not seem to behave the same as before

1 example, It started a schedule at midnight, it has been raining every day for 2 weeks solid. So I stopped the scheduled run. I got up at 615 this morning and it was running. It had restarted the same schedule that I had stopped 4 hours prior.

So why, after days and days of rain would it decide to water anyway and why after I already stopped a cycle does it restart the cycle 4 hours later?

Have you double checked the PWS to make sure it is still recording precipitation correctly?

I did and it appropriately did a rain skip all week and then the first day there’s no rain predicted it runs starting at midnight I stop it and it starts running again 4 hours later

I’m afraid this one is over my head. Maybe you can try support?

More of the same.
Over 2" of rain 2 days ago. 30% chance of more rain today and it’s running. I have rain skip setup at 0.6" and it still is running

2 days ago doesn’t matter (except with Flex Daily). If you have rain skip set at 0.6" (high) and at least that much is not forecast, it will run.

Plus you wrote you changed the “durations, and the contents” of the zones. By “contents” I assume you mean plant types. So of course the system will behave differently. My guess is the system thinks your new zones need a lot more water, a lot more frequently than your old zones.