Schedule recommendation for new landscaping

Hi there. I just set up my new Rachio (2nd generation) and it was a breeze! I’m in Sunnyvale, CA (SF Bay Area). I have relatively new landscaping (2 months) that is shrubs and trees covered with bark on drip irrigation. No grass. Since the plants are new, the trees are young and, I think, the plants like camellias are not yet established with their root system.

I’m trying to figure out whether a fixed or flexible schedule is best for the time being. I created some schedules to get a feel for the app and noticed that a flexible schedule would water for 14 hours every 12 days or so, which seems like a lot of water at a time! Or if I do fixed on odd days, it would water about an hour a day.

What is recommended for new landscaping with plants that are not established? I’m new to gardening in general, so this is partly a Rachio question but also partly general gardening best practice.


I also had a new plants a few months ago. What I did was set other factors correctly and gradually increases root depth.

Did you install the plants or a landscaper? If a landscaper, what did they recommend?

I recommend hand watering new plants at least two weeks. That way you know it’s getting deep watering and you get to know the plants better. You’re now two months in. Did you hand water them first?

What are the specs on your drip irrigation line?

Are the trees and shrubs on separate zones?

Are your plants native to the area?

What @eunchan said about root depth is important.

Welcome to the neighborhood!