Schedule Programming Recommendaitons

I just completed installation of a 2 system Gen-2 configuration with a Master Valve. The instructions available through the Rachio technical support were spot. Everything worked on the first try. I also have an Ambient Weather WS-2902 PWS as part of the total setup. I wish I would have read some posts from Gene (@gene). I might have saved me a couple of headaches getting the PWS connected to Weather Intelligence. Oh well Live and learn. At least the PWS is now recognized by Weather Intelligence.

I have not programmed the controllers yet. I figured the next couple of months could be used for that since my watering requirements will be fairly low and can be accomplished via manual methods. I did take the quiz from Laura (@laura.bauman). It confirmed what I originally thought. So, I am looking for any additional recommendations the community might provide from experience.

I live is a Northern suburb of the DFW (TX) area. We have watering restrictions. Right now, I am limited to Tuesday between 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Hours are chosen to prevent (somewhat) watering that will cause ice on road or walking surfaces. As said before, I will probably just use manual for the time being.

From March through November, I am restricted to watering on Tuesday and Friday (midnight to 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM to midnight).

According to the quiz, a Fixed Schedule is recommended. Any other suggestions on programming so I can limit the amount of runoff. Is there a soak type of cycle where it will run for awhile then wait for the water to soak in based on the soil type?

Thanks in advance for any recommendations. I am hoping Weather Intelligence will at least turn the system off when it has recently rained or is currently raining. I am also hoping Weather Intelligence will turn off the system when the outside temps get close to freezing (Yes - it does freeze in North Texas. We have already had a hard freeze).

From a non-technical point of view, if you are using a drip system, the restrictions may not apply. That is the way it works in Orange County, CA.

Yes, yes, and yes! Because of your watering restrictions, the fixed schedule is the best option for you, but weather intelligence and cycle soak can be used on fixed schedules.