Schedule not working due to rain sensor tripped Hunter rain click

I have two schedules. 1 for seed and the other for general night watering. They show in the schedule that they are coming but it doesn’t water. Shows nothing in history. Have Gen 2 13 zones. Hunter mini click. Rain sensor is green. All zones work manually. Thanks


I had the engineering team review your account and it does look like the rain sensor is tripped.

Looks like it happened last Friday.

Here is some information that might help with troubleshooting.


Thanks, sensor is showing green now. Why didn’t it reset?

Rain sensor doesn’t look tripped anymore, so maybe it just reset?

I’m working with the team on making this data more visible on the dashboard.


That’s because I enabled and disabled. When I follow the setup I’m missing the S2 enable

Ah, that screen was re-arranged a bit. If you can one level higher we now have a tab called ‘Accessories’ where you can modify the rain sensor settings. Is that what was missing?


Screenshot from 2018-05-03 09-22-15

When I click enable there it turns the rain sensor on and shuts the system. Confirmed in history


The rain sensor status looks good now.


Yes, but I disabled the setting for the sensor. Will it still work?

You should be all set to water.


Yeah, I can water now BUT the sensor no longer works. What’s going on? Why when I enable it does it bypass the system even thought the sensor shows it’s not in bypass?


I had our success team review your wiring and it might not be correct. This is a good explanation of the wiring.

There is no wiring in S1 or S2.


I’m confused. It shows the blue wire in S1 and that’s how I wired it.

Dam, your right. I see it now. Lol

I had the same problem. Then, I noticed this message on the inside of the Hunter Rainclick unit. Apparently, when the unit loses power, you need to reconnect the sensor. If you don’t, the sensor will show that it is active (wet, red light), even though it is dry. You reconnect the sensor by pushing and holding the little black button on top of the rain sensor. Then (assuming it is actually dry) the light will turn green. It will eventually reconnect itself after a period of time, but if you want it to work right away, then follow these steps.

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