Schedule Not Running - Rachio Gen 3

Rachio Gen 3 (8 Zone)
iPhone XS
iOS 12.2
Rachio App 3.13.0

I’ve setup a test schedule to run M/W/F at 6AM for 3 minutes at each zone.
Schedule Settings:
Type: Fixed
Interval: Mon, Wed, Fri
Zones: All 7
Times: Start at specific time, 6AM
Water Duration: 19m
Start/End Dates: March - Never
Cycle and Soak: Smart Cycle (Recommended)
Weather Intelligence: Rain Skip On, Freeze Skip On, Wind Skip On, Saturation Skip On, Seasonal Shift On

The schedule never runs. Runs fine if I manually start the schedule. Any ideas or recommendations?

@Prunt Looks like your rain sensor is on which is stopping schedules from running. :wink:


OK, I see where that could be the issue, but I’m not seeing any notifications/logs that are telling me that the rain sensor stopped the schedule. Would this notification/log be missing/unavailable in the iOS app?

Thanks for the help!

ios should show the same message I believe. Also your history should show these events. Have a good one.