Schedule interrupted

Been a long time since I’ve been here!

Largely because I’ve not needed to; I was happy that my login still worked.

Anyhow, I looked out my window the other morning at 9.29a.m. and saw the sprinklers running. Instant alarm from me. Why? Well, they were scheduled to run that morning at 7a.m., but only for 99 minutes. So it running an hour later was a big concern.

I’d had a couple of valves fail recently and needed new diaphragms, so that was a thought.

Fired up the app, and it showed as running, not as stopped as it would be if there was a valve failure. Very odd.

Dug into it a bit and found that the rain sensor had activated about an hour in (which shows as a manual stop in the history - first suggestion; this should really be something else), and the schedule had restarted once the rain sensor had cleared.

This probably requires some thought - the schedule was interrupted because of rain - does the irrigation cycle really need to continue?

The follow up and the bigger concern however is that upon restarting after the rain sensor cleared, the irrigation schedule restarted from scratch - so instead of 99 minutes (if uninterrupted), it would have received 60 minutes + the rain + 99 minutes. At the least, it should just have run the remaining 39 minutes or so, not the full cycle.

Not sure if this should be a product suggestion…