Schedule history download

Hi - I had to analyze my watering schedule recently and went to review the history. It would be a lot more useful to see how its all working to download the event list in csv format, rather than view the html event list. I was able to copy and then reformat it but what A PAIN.

Here’s my suggested fields:
Event Status time Description duration units/note
Schedule Completed 5/4/18 2:21 Water all zones ran for 382 minutes.
7-shrubs and trees Completed 5/4/18 2:21 7-shrubs and trees completed watering at 02:21 AM (PDT) for 4 minutes.
7-shrubs and trees Soaked 5/4/18 2:18 Soaked 7-shrubs and trees for 30 minutes, completed at 02:17 AM (PDT).

with dates and duration as values that excel can recognize.

It was then easy to see where/when it was watering, soaking etc.


I have been wanting a csv download of the history ever since I got my Rachio in 2015. For those of us who like to track things and analyze what we have set up, it would make things much, much, much easier. I’d even settle for a simple csv dump with one line per event as a start. At least I could go in and parse that myself.

@neilr, how were you able to copy the history? With the previous web app, I could copy and paste the history and then work with it. But using Chrome on Windows 10, with the current web app, I can’t even copy and paste it any more.

I’ve set up IFTTT to capture events, but it only partially captures things, and I can’t use it either. I either get a total amount of watering time (duration)for an entire schedule (I want to capture it by zone), or I can get a start time and end time (not duration) by zone, only it doesn’t tell what zone is starting and stopping. And I’ll get multiple starts with only one completion. Or two back to back completions with no starts. Or it just totally misses events (For example, I have a flower zone in it’s own schedule. IFTTT logged that it started this morning. But it never logged that it completed. Yet an hour later, it recorded one of my drip zones starting.) So IFTTT is pretty darn useless too.


CSV would be terrific if granular enough to differentiate zones and individual run times (as you explained above). Historical soil moisture/weather CSV would be an added bonus. Excel, Numbers and my daily workhorse, Workflow for iOS, have terrific support for CSV. Most scripting languages (like Python) have great CSV modules for parsing. Would be great to select the date range, limited of course, to however long Rachio keeps history (one month?). To me this isn’t a critical missing feature… it’d just satisfy the unreasonable desires of a data nerd :-p