Schedule for rain-sheltered plantings

What type of schedule and what weather intelligence features are best for plantings that are outdoors but are sheltered from rain?

I would like Rachio to ignore rainfall, but still to take into account other climate considerations (temperature, humidity, day length, whatever), soil conditions, and everything else that enters into the calculation.

With a Fixed schedule, I can turn off Rain Skip. However, I believe that Climate Skip also takes rainfall into consideration. If I turn off Climate Skip also, it seems to eliminate weather intelligence altogether and operates on a dumb fixed schedule.

With a Flex schedule, there doesn’t seem to be any way to tell Rachio to do its normal thing, but to disregard any rainfall and to consider only the water that is applied by irrigation.

Is there a good way to accomplish this using existing features, or should I submit a feature request for a way to irrigate rain-sheltered plantings?

Hi @eataft!
You are correct, climate skip accounts for precipitation in it’s calculations, so there is no great way to handle this currently! I am going to switch this to “product suggestions” and I will log it for our product team! Always interested in anything we can do to make smarter scheduling work for more situations :wink: