Schedule doesn't run sometimes

I have a controller ‘3’ and sometimes it skips my schedule with nothing in history and I cannot figure out why. I have the weather intelligence options set but there has been no rain for a while and it never got below the set temp of 32F degrees. I don’t have a rain gauge. On occasion I use Alexa to turn a zone on for 2 minutes to chase away some peacocks that come visit frequently. I guess I have 2 questions:

  1. How do I tell if Rachio is going to skip my next schedule? Again I have not gotten any emails recently. I believe I look at the app and it has already decided to skip my next schedule but how do I know that?

  2. Does using Alexa and running for a couple of minutes automatically cancel the next schedule?

I tried searching this site and couldn’t fine where this issue had been addressed but I am new to this site so there is about a 99% change that it is right in front of my face but… Anyway, thanks for any guidance anyone can give!

What schedule are you running?

Not sure what you are asking but… I set up 1 schedule that runs twice/week early AM.

So you are running fixed schedules? Not one of the Flex options?

Yes, it’s a fixed schedule. Thursday/Sunday.