Schedule display- does not reflect enabled on/off

Watering schedule is different on the web (safari) and mobile (android). On the mobile I can set enable “on or off”. If I turn it off, it “disappears” from the web schedule display, but on the android it still shows with a duration of X. However, because it is not enabled it will not run.

However if I have turned it off (on the android) there is no way I have found to turn it on via the web and it does not even show up, unless I log out and log back in.

So I suggest on the Android, you leave it just like it is, except you add a filed saying if it is on or off. And on the web, you display it, just like you do on the android, but you also add an enabled “on/off” tag

Hi @seena_lawn, good evening. Thanks for reaching out.

I was able to recreate this as well. Great catch! I’ll bring this to the development team’s attention for review. They are in the process of finishing the v2.0 web app update and will make sure your suggestion is added to the list of enhancements :smile:

If you can think of any other recommendations to improve the app, please let us know!

Best, Emil

I suggested this before, but it was part of question.

On the mobile (android) watering time screen, it would be useful to add “enabled -yes / no”. I have schedules listed that I have not enabled. I have to dig down on each entry to find out which are enabled

@seena_lawn Thanks for the feedback, will be sure to incorporate this into our next release coming out in May.