Schedule based on End Time

Am I the only one that would like the Iro watering schedule to work from a completed time instead of just a start time?

I like to take a shower in the morning and would like the schedule to be completed just before I wake up.

Maybe living with a Nest Thermostat has given me the expectation that connected devices figure out my schedule and not the other way around. Flex schedule is pretty close.


This would be awesome! I have the EXACT same problem…

Most definitely!

In the backlog, essentially a before, whereas currently we offer an after. Product team will need to determine where this is in priorities.



This is most definitely a desired feature when using highly the effective features like “Flex” schedule and seasonal adjustment. The features adjust total run time by their design and consequently result in varying end times.

My problem is a zone of pop ups used as a school bus loading zone part of the year. A simple be finished “before” time would prevent the school kids from ever getting soaked and allow full use of the Iro’s features . The program could simply calculate start times from the the desired/required end time. This might clear up a real problem in areas where sprinkling times are controlled by time…

If you want to add some flash, add an option of “before” time to +/- sunrise times for the user location. The sunrise info could most likely be imported from the weather feeds used for the particular Iro controller…


Yeah, I always wondered why the system defaulted to 5am, it seems like start time should be smarter. I should be able to say start watering so it’s finished before sunrise. With soak time extending watering periods, this becomes even more important.

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Would love to see this as well. I noticed on my 6 zone system when I had 6 different flex schedules the watering time was well into noon if all of them rain. After a bit of a reconfiguration down to 3 schedules the time was much better. Not wasting water by watering well into the heat of the day. But having an end time helps even for watering restrictions. My town has a restriction for water between 5-8 am or pm. It would be nice to say finish up by 8 and then it could start before 5 if nec only cause I doubt the water police are out and about checking to see if your watering. I live in the Chicago area so our cops aren’t paying attention to watering as we are not in a drought right now. More an issue of flooding right now then anything.

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Me too. Would like to be able to specify “end time” of 5AM, consistent with our (City of Austin) water restrictions:

Finishing at sun rise would be ideal!


This is my #1 item on the wish list as well!
So for my “whole yard” schedule, it’s fairly easy to calculate when I need it to start for it to end at certain time based on total duration. But after the first watering, when the flex magic kicks in, then it’s impossible.
I would really love for the Iro to be able to be told to just “end by 6:30am” (I’m partial to set times, not so much sunrise, since for me it’s more a water pressure issue for morning shower than an evaporation issue), and then it can adjust start time by itself depending on what zones are being watered each day.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Come on. This is a smart timer it should be able to figure out the time to start to end by a set time.

Why can’t the start time simply be adjusted/changed along with the seasonal adjustment when their are pushed to the controller?

We want one very simple change to set the end time. This does not seem like much to ask for when so MANY other non essential changes have been done (new app, new website, advance features, and new hardware revision)

The product team needs to get their head out of the clouds of working on what is cool and new; and focus on the core functionality of the product.

We also want a simple well pump rest built in between zones but that isn’t happening either. Millions of people irrigate with wells. Crazy.

@bbeardmore @Dkd114

We are rebuilding our calendaring software plus much much more to support these and many other requests. It is going to take time rebuilding large parts of our platform but we feel our customers will love these and other features when they are rolled out.

tl;dr We have our entire development and product teams working on software that is more customer focused using feedback we have received.



Adding to the chorus: In the Denver area, we are supposed to complete watering prior to 0900. It would be great to set a “complete by” time so as to enable automatically the latest possible start time for the Flex Schedule mode. For example, I would prefer that I and my neighbors hear through open windows my sprinklers going off at 0600 rather than 0430. Currently, I am able to manage timing manually by looking ahead at the anticipated watering schedule: a decent, but imperfect approach.

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