Schedule a future Quick Run

I’d like to be able to create a Quick Run that I can schedule for the future. The future can either be a date and time, or a number of hours into the future. For example, I would like to be able to manually setup a Quick Run before I go to bed that will run early the next morning, before I wake up.

That would be nice, but as you found not available with the app. It is possible through IFTTT or similar type of things if you are familiar.

Interesting, I am familiar with IFTTT. I wish the app had native functionality like this, but I will investigate how conveniently it can be done with IFTTT. Thank you!

My pleasure

Did you ever discover how to make this work with IFTTT?

Agreed … 1000%. I, too, would LOVE to see this feature!

I do not have it in front of me, but believe you could do an IF the date/time, THEN run the zone for x-minutes.

I’m not an IFTTT expert, but I found that I could create a future run with IFTTT. However, I have to configure each future run (which zones, how long for each zone, the future run time, etc.) in IFTTT every time I wanted to create a future run. So, while it is possible, it’s a lot more work to set up a run than simply adding a time delay to the Quick Run feature in the Rachio App would be.

For one particular use case I have, I’m using IFTTT connected to my Goggle Calendar, and have a single zone set to run for a configured number of minutes at the start of calendar events with a specific name. I can quickly create calendar events on my phone if I want to run that zone at a specific time, but setting that up for all 8 zones would be more complex.

That’s my main gripe… just because I can do something with the IFTTT integration doesn’t mean it is easy and convenient for users to do so.

Thank you for your reply. I want to run an entire Schedule. I’ve created an Applet using IF “Every year on …”, THEN “Start watering time” and am testing to see if this does what I want. (It should start in 2 minutes. We’ll see what happens.)

FWIW … this worked PERFECTLY! I just need to remember to disable the Applet after it has run. (Or find a DateTime trigger that only runs ONCE.)

With the water restrictions in place, it makes perfect sense to be able to schedule a needed quick run. I am only allowed to water on 2 specific days of the week, within a certain timeframe. Work was done in the road that shut our irrigation water off without notice, so my sprinkling system did not have water pressure to water at the scheduled time. When they did get the water turned back on, my lawn was in desperate need for water, but I needed to wait until the evening hours to run a make up session, then return to my normal schedule. Scheduling a quick run is not possible with the current Rachio app (4.6.1), but desperately needed. If quick run could be set to run once at a specific time I think it would bring Rachio more customers because the B-Hyve app doesn’t have this and everyone I’ve spoken to says they would use this feature.

I agree, you need to be able to set up multiple quick runs that will stack vs setting a timer so you can go back in the app and start up the next zone you need to water. We have significant heat waves this time of year so I queue up client’s watering systems to water extra. Rachio is NOT convenient for doing this - Hydrawise allows this!