Scanning code

I am a new owner to an existing R. I have been disappointed from the startup. My barcode won’t scan. Called support and was told to read off the serial number. But I am older with bad vision and the sticker with the serial number is about one
inch. The serial number is about 1/2th of the sticker. So I am told that if I can’t read it, they can’t help me!

Can you take a clear and close picture with your phone (or whatever) and then zoom in?

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Tried that. Sent it to the “help” chat box. I need to take a better picture they said. No other help

Another question that might give another option, do you know the previous owners & how to contact them?

No, moving into an empty house.

I would try to take a better picture. If I may, I would suggest using one thread instead of the same thing on many threads. I find it harder to keep track of this when it is spread out. You or others may disagee and that is okay.

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If it’s too difficult then don’t bother.

Just trying to help

Your solution is to take a better picture. Thank you

It sounds like that is what support needs. If you have the box, you might be able to get something off of that.

This thread started with me saying I am a new owner in the empty house. Where would I find the box it came in?
Any suggestions there?

Sorry, I do not see anything about “box” in the first post in this thread.

I know you read this post:

“No, moving into an empty house.”

What box would I find in an empty house?

You said box! Not me

Sorry, misunderstood your message. Some people keep certain boxes around. Sounds like the only viable solution would be a better picture for support.

I agree the best solution would be to take a clear photo. You can take several shots and only keep the best one.

Another option is to ask someone with sharper vision to write it down for you.


I second Crabgrass’s opinion:

Maybe a family member, friend or neighbor could read the code for you?

Do you have an iPhone? I’m sure android phones have one too but the magnifying glass for function on an iPhone is great. I’ll tell too how to use it if you have an iPhone. It’s better than taking a picture in this case I think.

Ask a neighbor to take a photo with your phone or to do the setup. It’s so easy once you scan properly or add it manually


If the OP can’t see the scanning code on the Rachio how can they possibly see their phone?