Saving money but it’s because my sprinkler never runs

I have set up my rachio and love in theory the fact that it knows more than me about ground saturation and when it may rain. Having said that, I live in the Atlanta area and though we have had rain, my system has not run for over 30 days. And when I look at the future schedule, though I have it set for Sunday and Wednesday to run, it shows no upcoming events on the calendar. Can someone recommend what settings to use (or not use) to make the most out of this system but still feel like your sprinkler system is doing what it needs to do? Thank you in advance.

What schedule type do you have selected? Based on your “set for Sunday and Wednesday to run”, I 'm guessing fixed?

Type is set as flex daily schedule.

Rachio doesn’t recommend using a Flex Daily schedule if you cannot water 4 or more days a week. So you should probably switch to a Flex Monthly or Fixed schedule.

Also, take a look at the Water Journal to see if you can determine why Rachio isn’t watering. Go to Irrigation, select a zone and then select soil moisture.

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Thank you. I will try that.

Forgot to mention that the water journal is only avail e for zones that are in flex Daily schedule. If you change to a flex monthly or Fixed schedule you can’t see the water journal.

Appreciate that