Save a manual run?

Is there a way to setup a “schedule” that can be set to only run manually? Or create a QUICK RUN and save it to use in the future? Similar to a quick run, but with a predetermined collection of zones and water times? For example, my front lawn gets a lot more sun than my back. While I have this set for the zones (sun vs. partial sun), I found that my front yard is drying out rapidly due to hotter weather and little rain. The backyard is fine. I want to be able to run the collection of zones that make up the front ad hoc whenever this occurs. I would run them outside/in addition to the schedule that I have created for all zones. Is this possible? Or do I have to do quick run and add a custom run each time?

For sure @jrobe1111!

My suggestion would be to build a Schedule, and then set that schedule to “Disabled” via the toggle:

This will ensure that the schedule does not run on it’s own, but that you can manually ‘Quick Run’ it whenever you need!