Saturation skips in the middle of a heat wave and drought

I have had to start my scheduled events several times over the past few weeks due to Saturation skips. This despite the fact that we have not had a drop of rain in 2 weeks, we are in a heat wave, and the area is experiencing minor drought conditions.
The weather forecasts often predict a low possibility of rain, and we have had pop-up showers in surrounding communities. But nothing here.

Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity of these skips? Clearly they shouldn’t be happening in my case. The ground is bone dry.

@Lakeguy55 In an earlier query on this topic @franz suggested that
“I would disable saturation skip in the weather intelligence settings for the schedule if it is skippng too much. This is typically due to watering frequently enough where our system believes it can make it to the next day without watering.”

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Thanks. I had forgotten I could toggle it off and I’ve done so this AM.

Still leaves me wondering what criteria is being used for the decision. It skipped again today despite no rain for past 14 days and none in the 7 day forecast.

@Lakeguy55 if you use a Flex Daily schedule and want to try to see why Rachio “thinks” there is enough moisture go to Zones, select a zone, then select Soil Mositure (the % figure), then select more detail and you will get lots of information, including precipitation. You can scroll back about a week and forward about 2 weeks. Below is an example of the information you can get.