Saturation skip

Good morning franz. I have 3 zones on a fixed schedule those zones were supposed to run Monday and today but they were skip due to soil been saturated we haven’t have much rain at all for the fixed schedule to be skip. Or maybe it has something to do with my PWS thanks :pray:

Afternoon Anthony!

I’m no Franz but I’ll try to step in :wink:.

Looking at your currently selected PWS, it does look like a significant amount of rainfall has been reported in the past few days. Your zones are accounting for this recently observed rainfall and tracking against the calculated ET (Evapotranspiration) with the Saturation Skip Weather Intelligence feature. Given the somewhat colder temperatures, it looks like the lower amount of ET paired with the high amount of rainfall led your schedule to determine it did not yet need to water.

If you believe this to be inaccurate or misrepresentative of your local climate, I would suggest either choosing a new Weather Station or disabling Saturation Skip on your Fixed schedule.

Hope this helps!



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Thanks @mitchell !


If you want more information regarding the science behind it this should help.



Thanks franz for the quick response as always we’ll appreciate.