Saturation skip per zone or schedule?

I’ve read the FAQ on saturation skip and poked around the forum and can’t quit tell. Are saturation skips issued per zone or per schedule. It would make sense to me to issue per zone but it sounds like per schedule.

What I am trying to do is run twice a week to meet my towns water restrictions, but if saturation skip is per schedule then my shrubs and shady part of my yard will get watered to much. If I run different schedules then it risks watering more than twice a week even if each zone is max twice. If the skip was per schedule then the zones that meet their minimum level would skip and the others would run.

My town doesn’t seem that strict and I doubt they are checking in the middle of the night, so if I have to I can run multiple schedules, but trying to be a good citizen.

It is per schedule. I would recommend two schedules grouping similar crop types if you would like it to skip based on the crop type.

Crop type definitely behaves differently for each crop due to root zone depth.


I assume the other major factor is sun exposure right? So I’d need a schedule per crop type per level of sun exposure right? For me that would be 4 which would be just about the same as letting flex daily do its thing. FYI I have shrubs and grass but the grass has a shady, medium, and sunny zone.

I live in a community with severe watering restrictions. I have two schedules - one for my grass zones, the other for my trees and shrubs. Works perfectly with the restrictions, as the grass waters every time (we’re on a twice weekly restriction currently), while the various tree and shrub zones water every 7-10 days.

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Sun exposure is factored into the crop evapotranspiration, so yes but it is a much smaller lever than root zone depth, so the frequencies for same crop different exposure should be close.


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This is the same restriction we have. Do you achieve this by doing every 3 days for the grass? What do you do for trees and shrubs?

We have day of the week restrictions (currently, I am allowed to water on Wednesdays and Sundays), so I use 2 Flex Daily Schedules - one for my lawn, and a second for my trees and shrubs. As I mentioned before, the lawn waters every time its able, the plants only water every 7-10 days. The only way this works properly is if you have extremely accurate zone settings.

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Ah, I see, that’s different than mine. Mine are any 2 days a week.