San Bernardino Weather station recording rain?

New owner here, all seems to work well. However, need to know what this means below for detecting rain:

KSBD 3.43
(No recorded precip data) link

I have a Rainbird rain sensor, but would rather not install. Does KSBD record rain? It does not rain very often in SB (excepting this year), so can I rely that this station works when it does rain? There is no history for me to observe.

How do I find out this information? Using other stations nearby is not a preferred option, mountain proximity means just a few miles difference can be huge in rainfall and temperature amounts.


@racerx, that notification indicates that the weather station is not recording any rainfall :disappointed:

I’m not sure if you’ve considered using a local personal weather station, but that would be the easiest alternative – followed by integrating a Weather Underground station of your choosing.


ah, very helpful. Someone has a local personal weather station that seems to be working well and verifiable. Need to have an option to select personal weather stations in failover order or even better allow a “pod” to be defined and data is then aggregated to use for Rachio rules engine. Could even cluster pods for better failover especially attempting to moderate localized micro-climates.

Or, just get my own. :slight_smile: