San Antonio Watering Restrictions


San Antonio Water users! San Antonio is now under Stage 1 Watering Rules. Check out this thread to collaborate with other users on questions on scheduling for watering rules, tips on reducing water, and troubleshooting drought schedules with Rachio! Check your inbox for more information.

Auto Scheduling Feature Idea

I’m from California but seems in my messing around with a “virtual” Flex schedule and zone the only way to make the only watering days of Sunday, Wednesday and Friday work is to set MAD to 100% so the entire 6” depth of soil dries out. That does as you’d expect — doubles the duration — but the cold season grass would likely skunk around, brown pretty fast and enter dormancy. Of course, doing this with a Flex schedule is pretty much creating a Fixed schedule but with the benefit of a calculated run time and moisture chart visual — ET ceases to be of importance since that moisture is gone no matter what with that pattern of days where I live :-). I’m not in restriction yet but thinking about how to make this work when we inevitably go back into restriction.