Same Settings, Different watering schedules

Hi, I had a question about flex scheduling. My front lawn is divided into two zones, both with the exact same settings and on the same schedule. I’ve noticed a couple of times only one of the zones is watered, which doesn’t make sense to me since they have the exact same settings. For example, today my north zone was watered but the south zone was not and won’t be watered until tomorrow. I’ve noticed the same thing for my back lawn, which is divided into four zones. What could be causing the controller to separating the zones? Thanks!

Have you ever manually watered either zones?
Click into each zone and look at what it says the current moisture level is for each zone. Are they exactly the same?

That was my thought, if these zones came from other fixed schedules, the moisture levels could have started differently.

Zones starting with identical moisture levels, and identical characteristics, should always track watering the same.


I looked at the moisture level and they are pretty different. These zones have always been on the same schedule but there was one morning that I had to interrupt the watering because a sprinkler in the south zone was broken. Maybe that threw off the levels. Would zeroing out the level the next time the North Zone will run bring them back in sync?

If you zero out, our fill up the zones they will be on the same cadence, assuming they are all starting at the same moisture level.


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