Safe to make a Gen 2 Discount Purchase?

I’ve been following the forum since the Gen 2 Iro was released and I have been very interested in making the discounted purchase for the Gen 2 Iro. I normally don’t like to purchase the first generation model of anything cause I know the 2nd model is always a much better improvement!!! With Gen 1 Iro, I didn’t really have much of a choice, my lawn looked absolitely terrible and I was wasting water to keep the lawn looking worse than everyone else’s. With the Gen 1 I was able to use about the same water as previous years while maintaining a much better looking lawn. I have seen a couple of posts regarding difficulties with upgrading from Gen 1 to Gen 2. My concern is if I make this purchase by March 2nd… I have no way of testing out my zones since my sprinklers are blown out for the winter season. Should I worry about the upgrade? It would be nice to have manual controls on the unit for my non-techie landscapers, irrigation guys, and father in-law to have access to it if need be. I don’t plan on installing a flow sensor in the future and the current size of the Gen 1 doesn’t bother me and I definitely don’t need a 16 zone. Did I miss any other feature available to the Gen 2 that isn’t available to Gen 1? The discounted cost is attractive especially cause I know someone else will gladly take the Gen 1 off my hands for themselves.

I can’t think of anything to worry about in this regard. You can connect and test the the unit without actually attaching to your solenoids. If there was an issue with the hardware controlling the solenoids it would be under warranty.

Yes! Manual controls :wink:

We’ve built a custom enclosure if you need it installed outside, the device does have a current sensor that will allow us to detect faulty zones (software TBD), some fun new LEDs, and the gen2 hardware will allow it to integrate with other platforms in the future that the gen 1 is not possible to do.

Hope this helps.


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Hi, are the discounted codes still out, i just got these sprinkler system ad thru my facebook feed and got interested in the system but since ours is a new home we dont qualify for the rebate. Is there anyway we can still get with the discounted rate ?

You can reach out to for more information. I don’t know the current stance on discount codes.