Running two zones at a time in any order

I have 12 zones and pump my water. In the spring I have enough pressure to run two zones at a time, but at the end of the summer when the water is lower, I can only run one zone at a time. Can the Rachio 3 controller run two zones at the same time in any order? For example spring time settings running zones 2 & 11, 9 & 7, 4 & 12 and so on… Then at the end of summer revert back to one zone at a time running zones 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on…



Is there a response to this yet?
I want to run multiple zones at the same time without wiring them together. because I need to water one of the zones more during heavy direct sun.

The controller can run up to three zones, but we do not support that functionality in the app, you would have to wire together.


I don’t want the other zones to be watered all the time like that. So your telling I will need to wire and rewire 2 times a day. My wires will be mighty short after just one year of operation, don’t ya think. Time to spend some money and time on the app!