Running schedules concurrently

I have two zones in my back yard, where I’ve got new seed. One zone needs to run for longer durations (15 min / hour) than the other (5 min / hour). I don’t want them to run overnight.

I can create a fixed schedule for Zone A, with a manual Cycle & Soak, to start at 10:00 AM. But when I create the second schedule for Zone B, and configure it to start at 10:00 AM, it’s not starting until after the first schedule is complete (around 4:00 PM).

Is there a way to run two schedules concurrently?


No, that’s not possible. Have you tried putting both zones in the same schedule? I’m not sure how it works with a manual cycle and soak, but I’m thinking it might be the same as the automatic one — while zone A is soaking, zone B will water. And I’m guessing that is what you are trying to accomplish?

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So that would work, but it requires each zone to get the same cycle time. It seems that both zones would run for 15 minutes, soak for 45. In my case, Zone B puts out more water, and should run for shorter durations, but still throughout the day. So I want Zone A to be 15+45, but Zone B to be 5+55. I don’t believe that’s possible.

One option, of course, is to change the sprinkler to put out less water. Then they can both run for 15+45. But I thought that the scheduling would be flexible enough to handle this?