Running a Gen 1 and Gen 2 with same app

I was recently part of a backyard TV show remodel, and I LOVE what they did, but in the craziness, some things were done that split our irrigation into unusable zones.

I have a Gen 1 controller in the garage, and that will control my front yard, back grass, and back landscaping. We have a vegetable garden and a canyon slope that are now cut off from the controller, and so I bought a gen 2 controller to add for the back half of the yard. I have power to it and all that, but I was wondering how the app would react with two different generations on the same app. Any thought on this? Thanks!


No problem, you can control multiple devices in the app. There is a drop-down to select which device you are currently working on.

Good luck with you current projects!


@dfreese, if you haven’t already added the second controller to your account, here’s a support article that details the steps.

Keep this quick start guide handy if you run into any issues getting your Gen2 online.

Maybe once you have the controller(s) installed and running, you can send us a few photos and show off you lawn :slight_smile: …I’m a sucker for lawn envy.