Run zone without upsetting moisture level

I have new seed I would like to keep watered without Rachio “knowing” I’ve watered it. Can I jumper an unused zone into the “new seed zone” and run it whenever I want or woud it backfeed the original zone and damage the controller?

Paralleling two zones is safe, assuming that you are driving only one solenoid valve.

Are you using Flex Daily for the main schedule on the zone? If not, then you can run the zone manually whenever you want, or you can set up a Fixed schedule to water the zone however you want for the new seed. Nothing would change on the original schedule for the zone. No need to switch wires and such.

If you ARE using Flex Daily, then it knows about any manual or Fixed Zone watering you do and will take it into account. Sometimes that’s not bad, but it knows.

All that is done through the Rachio program of course, so there will be a History for it, so I guess Rachio does know. But you’re probably more concerned with it doing something about it, aren’t you, rather than it knowing?

Service people manually turn on the valves all the time, but you have to 1) have access to them, and 2) know how to do it.

Well I couldn’t wait, seemed to work fine, please comment of there is an electrical reason not to tie two outputs together.

Yeah, running flex daily. My setup is a bit more complex as I’m running two irrigation pumps and use a relay to disable the master when running zone1. Had to water manually near one pump and didn’t want to mess up the moister calculation of that zone…thanks for the replies, happy watering!!:wink: