Run Times Don't Match

Hey Guys,

I’m running a Fixed watering schedule and my sprinklers ran this morning 6/1. The notifications from my app say my schedule will run for 170 minutes, however once the schedule completed it shows it ran for 34 minutes. Weirder still is if I look at the individual zones and add all the run times up it only ran for 144 minutes. Also the individual zone run times don’t match what is in the schedule. Finally the zone times in the schedule aren’t what I set them too. Looks like the times increased?

Did you update the schedule yesterday? I also know schedules shifted today due to seasonal shift. It is scheduled to run again on 6/3, if you continue to see discrepancies I can have the engineering team review.


This issue is happening again and has happened the past 2 run days. My schedule is set to run a total of 240 minutes. After the schedule is finished I get a notification that it ran for only 28 minutes. When looking at each zone, they all ran for the scheduled time except for one zone which was schedule for 70 minutes only ran 5 minutes. My schedule is a fixed schedule and I have Saturation Skip turned off.

This happened again this morning. My push notifications say my schedule will run for 240 minutes. Once completed it says my schedule ran for 2 minutes. Here is the breakdown by zones.

Zone 1:
scheduled: 75 minutes
actual: 19 minutes
Zone 2:
scheduled: 45 minutes
actual: 25 minutes
Zone 3:
scheduled: 50 minutes
actual: 50 minutes
Zone 4:
scheduled: 70 minutes
actual: 70 minuts

This is frustrating cause I’m not sure which numbers to believe. I’ve been manually running the zones that show less time than scheduled but I’m not sure if I’m overwatering or putting down how much I want.

Can I get some help with this? @franz


Ok, our engineering team believes they know what the issue is. The amount/time of watering should be correct (physically), but your controller disconnected/re-connected during some of the zone runs which is having the system render incorrect watering times (should be display only, it uses the delta time of when it re-connected). Here is a screenshot of some of the thrashing seeing happen on the controller. Anything on your network that could potentially cause that? The team has filed a defect and will prioritize appropriately. Thank you for reporting this issue!

I haven’t been able to find anything on my network that would cause this behavior.