Run Time Question

I set up a new odd-day fixed schedule (with specific zone run times) to start on 8/31. The screen shot below shows a run time on 9/1 that is shorter than on 8/31. Is that based on an estimated ET value? In other words, even on a fixed schedule the watering duration will vary from one watering day to another. Am I correct? Thank you so much.

@kitjv Do you have Seasonal Shift enabled for the schedule? I ask because seasonal shift will adjust a schedule at the beginning of every month and that’s what maybe happening to your schedule. Below is a link to an FAQ,and%20shorter%20in%20cooler%20months.

Alturia: Yes, Seasonal Shift is enabled. That might account for the decrease in run time. I assume that Seasonal Shift is a proxy for slower evaporation rates during the end of summer & beginning of fall.

Thank you so much.

Yes, that is exactly what Seasonal Shift is. It adjusts your schedule every month based on the historical weather for that month.

Thank you so much for the explanation.