Run skip when predicted and doesn’t rain

My grass is on subsurface drip and flex daily schedule. I am restricted to water MWF only. I finally got my flex daily to work well enough to keep my lawn alive. However with temps over 100 every day if it skips based on a prediction that never comes, especially on a Friday, then my grass is dead by Monday. I have to manually water it. I would like to be able to tell Rachio a preferred start time like I do now , but check a box that anytime is ok. Then if watering is skipped due to rain at my preferred time then run anyway before the end of the day if the rain never comes. I really need this because destroying my lawn is more expensive and worse for the environment than wasting water

Try changing the threshold it used to skip for rain events to something higher.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think this would help. Last Friday all zones were needing to water the full time. We had .4 in rain predicted and if it had occurred I would have been glad it skipped. However it did not rain and temps were above 100 all weekend. When it does this if I don’t manually run the zones some of the grass gets really stressed.