Run multiple zones simultaneously

General questions.
Low water pressure here, so I would like extend one zone throughout the entire property as a backbone water source & individually control selected zones off that backbone. Thus max concurrent active zones would be 2.

  1. Can Rachio activate 2 zones at the same time? ie will the 24vac transformer handle this load & does the Rachio programming support this?
  2. What is the maximum distance from the Rachio controller to the valve? Assume 16awg solid direct burial wire.


If you set up your backbone zone as a master valve, would that work for you?

I believe that would suffice. Thanks for pointing it out!

Great, please ask more questions that you may have

Do you need this “backbone” for all zones, or just some?

Just some.

I have the 8 zone controller. One is dedicated to the front yard, another to 8 water hungry fruit trees in the back, and a 3rd zone in the back to service the entire back yard shrubs which number about 23. The only zone that works well is the front yard

I’m planning on buying a 16 zone controller & subdivide the 3rd zone into 8 smaller zones. So planing to use the ‘master’ as the long backbone where water will flow only when one of the new 8 zones is also active. The 8 hard wired remote valves will be dispersed along the backbone path. Assumption is the master is active when any zone is active. If that’s not the case, then it’s back to square 1.

I hope that helps clarify the picture. The ground soil where I live is incredibly rocky so putting in new pvc to the main valve is not an option. The original installers used jack hammers for two days just to lay a path for all the pvc piping. Prior to that I used the thin black pipe, but I got tired of repairing leaks every year.

thanks, jm

This is correct, which is why I was asking. You can’t set the master valve to only work on some zones, and not others.

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