Run hoses & sprinklers via Orbit 4 valve manifold and Rachio 3?

My son built a system for me using the Orbit WaterMaster Preassembled Manifold with Easy Wire (4 Valve). It was built with his own configuration, utilizing a customizable circuit board and wifi app. I used it last year, but now I have problems. I believe the problems are in the circuit board, hence why I am now looking at Rachio 16ZULW-C Smart 16 Zone sprinkler controller.

I have seen a thread somewhere that says the controller is only for irrigation systems. I aspire to have that one day, but I need water on my yard now (I’ll do DIY irrigation system in a couple of years).

Is there any reason that I can not utilize the Orbit manifold that has 24 VAC solenoids, which ultimately run to 4 yard hoses, all to above-ground sprinklers? I desire to buy 2 more 4-valve manifolds for now and use the Rachio and those same manifolds later in the future irrigation system. For now, I hope to run to hoses/sprinklers above ground. I am aware that I will need to winterize the system (I’ll put away hoses and sprinklers and bring inside the manifolds).

Am I missing anything? Is there a reason this will not work with the Rachio 3?

I am hoping for a very prompt reply as I need to make some moves with grass seed going down, THX!!!

I would not say Rachio is only for irrigation system, but it is designed for that. I have mine hooked to a pump start relay for a water feature. Besides that, I have seen it used for bird baths (is that a water feature?), filling swimming pool, scaring animals, and I am sure more. For something like multiple lighting “zones”, it would not work well as only one Rachio zone at a time.

If you are wanting the Rachio to replace the custom circuit board to run 24 VAC solenoids that would turn on water to run through hoses to above-ground sprinklers, I do not see any problem with that. It happens to be an above ground irrigation system instead of in-ground. Not much different except the type of “pipe” and where it is located. Depending on where you are at, you still might winterize in-ground irrigation systems. Is there anything you are doubting or just double checking?

Thank you, really double-checking before I spend money. I am thinking one manifold outside in front yard and 1 or 2 in the back. I would mount the Rachio inside finished basement and run wiring to manifolds. That’s the plan unless someone says I’m crazy.

Am I crazy?

hopefully no typos

I do not think you are crazy, but cannot speak for everyone else. :wink:
I think it is great, moving forward toward your eventual plan. When it comes time to trench, I suggest running extra wire in case you need it for lawn, garden, trees, shrubs, or whatever. When I got Rachio, I thought 8 might be enough, but got the 16. By the time I split a couple of lawn zones, split a few drip zone, etc. I have used all 16.

Thank you for the input and encouragement!